Metrowest Handyman floor services are your total solution for installation and repair of most types of flooring, including carpet, hardwood, laminate, ceramic tile and more. In just one call, our professional handyman helps prioritize all your floor installation and repair needs.

Whether we’re laying ceramic floor tile in your kitchen, installing hardwood floors in your living room or making tile repairs in your bathroom, Metrowest Handyman helps solve all your flooring headaches after just one call.

Our professional handyman team multi-tasks every floor installation and repair we’re called to complete. That means we don’t waste your precious time. Our handyman services will install vinyl flooring in your kitchen. Every floor installation and repair is prioritized with you to ensure that these and all of your home repairs and improvements are completed on time.

Quality craftsmanship you can count on in a time frame that’s convenient for you—that’s what Metrowest Handyman promises. It’s a guarantee that whether we’re installing ceramic tile, laying hardwood floor or other flooring needs, Metrowest Handyman will get the job done.

Flooring covers the following but not limited to:


Metrowest Handyman specializes in the installation and replacement of carpet and it’s padding! If you need carpet replaced and the old carpet and padding torn out, we also provide this as a service!

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors are an investment that will last a lifetime with the proper installation and care. We pride ourselves on offering high quality hardwood flooring installations at very competitive rates. We bring years of experience to the table as well, we maintaining high standards, strong work ethics, and reliability. Nothing adds more value to a home then the installation of Hardwood Flooring. Hardwoods are the best choice of flooring for those who suffer from allergies, and if you have children or pets there’s no better stain prevention then installing hardwood flooring . We offer full service hardwood flooring installation and finishing. This includes carpet removal and base board installation.

Flooring installations of any kind tend to be one of the more disruptive home improvement projects. Metrowest Handyman is an expert in hardwood flooring installations and finishing but what really separates us from the other guys are the steps we take to limit the discomforts you face by creating a room by room strategy plan. The planning covers suitable scheduling and proper preparation and includes furniture removal, carpet removal, and base board removal. Other focus is spent on dust mitigation and chemical mitigation. We balance the installation around your lifestyle and your families’ schedules to make the installation process as pleasant as possible.


Installing new tile can fix up a bathroom, kitchen, or any other area of your home with the right design and craftsmanship. In fact, bathrooms and kitchens often provide the greatest return on investment when it comes to your home’s value. Whether preparing your home for sale or improving the design, tile installation and repair can provide an updated look that transforms the appeal of your entire home.

Tile brings function and beauty together and conveys a deep sense of emotion to whoever views, touches or uses your new tile. We appreciate this and install tile as if it were art. Every tile we lay is placed with care. Our systematic approach to installing tile ensures a lifetime of enjoyment and creates a personal expression of those who use it day to day.

Our eye for detail in installing tile is unmatched and in the tile trade, detail is everything. We take pride in offering quality, custom tile installation, flooring, countertops and walk-in showers along with many applications listed below.

Metrowest Handyman guarantees to provide you with the most efficient and reasonably priced tile solutions for all of your tiling needs.

Linoleum Flooring

Linoleum or vinyl flooring is popular for its affordability and the range of styles and patterns available to match almost every design need for your home. Its made to look like tile, natural stone and wood flooring, but at a fraction of the cost, and with far easier installation and care. Linoleum is back and better than ever, still one of the original ecofriendly, man-made flooring materials but now in more attractive style options.

The durability of linoleum and vinyl flooring can’t equal wood, tile or natural stone, but it’s not designed to, and the lower price reflects this. Linoleum and vinyl flooring is a popular choice when looking for a floor that will last 5-15 years, retain its appearance through wetness and in high traffic areas, and especially for homeowners shopping for affordable flooring on a fixed budget.

Laminate Flooring

Here at Metrowest Handyman we have a full understanding of the benefits and down-falls of laminate floowing. Laminate flooring is made from a resinous composite base. It is topped with a printed paper layer, then sealed with a clear protective coating. This material is sold in the form of planks or boards that closely resemble wood flooring. Some laminate products require a foam underlayment. Laminate is usually installed as a floating system, which means the planks connect to one another but are not fastened to the subfloor. Laminate is highly susceptible to moisture damage, and is not recommended for wet areas like kitchens and bathrooms. It should also not be installed in the basement or in other areas located below ground level.Laminate is typically printed with the look of wood grain, though it can also mimic the look of ceramic tile or other materials.

Whichever you decide, Metrowest Handyman guarantees that your flooring installation is safe with us.

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